We quickly turn ideas
into global sales.
We quickly turn ideas
into global sales.
We turn ideas
into global sales.

Holistic, agile
and cost efficient
product development


Complete roll-out solutions
from prototypes
to large scale manufacturing


Financial planning
of investment
and return


International manufacturing
and sales network
in Europe, US, Asia-PAC

From the idea to successful business plans

Many industries today are challenged by the digitalization of products, business models and sales concepts and do not consider that all these topics influence each other.
For this reason, together with our partners, we offer complete solution packages that include product development, sales concepts and financing models.

Whether mobility, broadcast, human-machine interfaces, crowd control or push advertising, our services are not limited to product development, rather we deliver complete business plans from idea to mass production and distribution.

We offer solutions for the broadcast industry, IoT hardware and firmware for mobility needs, and haptic controls for human-machine interfaces.  Our applications for AI-based data management and secure communication combine hardware with SaaS concepts.

Sentry Side Watch

KLOTZ Touch Encoder
Agile Performance Optimization

With our partners we are active
in Europe, Asia-Pac and North-America.

Maffei & Co. is a company of experienced, personally responsible entrepreneurs and investors with complementary skills, experience and perspectives, and decades of history in digitalization and sustainability.


Sales & Advice is specialized on business development and sales concepts. Our passion is to develop and build new markets, industry verticals and customer potentials. We support companies in the development and adaptation of their sales strategies.


PIXMAX design specializes in the development of user interfaces with a focus on a new generation using touch screens and novel PCAP touch encoders. Decades of experience in design and development guarantee an optimal user experience and ergonomic result.


KLOTZ Systems China produces and distrubutes professional audio and broadcast equipment. Located in Shenzhen, the center of electroics in China, KLOTZ Systems also offers manufacturing support to 3d-party customers and helps them to manage industrialisation processes in China.


Ideas that became real

Mobility solutions

HYDRO_HAZE, an intelligent disinfection system for cars and elevator cabs disinfects air and surfaces automatically and protects against infections.

Play Video

Proximity warning device for bicycles

Bicyclists today are difficult to see from the side in the dark. Sentry Side Watch warns motorists of approaching too closely and offers cyclists significantly improved protection.

Tactile solutions for touch-screens

Unique cost-effective haptic controls combined with touch-sensitive screens provide completely new user experiences.

Broadcast consoles and networks

Our audio consoles are at the heart of content production, combining traditional radio broadcasting with social media, streaming and content-on-demand.

Agile Performance Optimization

APO is a tool specifically designed to allow push media advertisers and content producers to take action based on emotional attitudes of audiences.

Digital advertisement and sales concepts

Digital outdoor advertising is significantly changing push advertising in public spaces. Our solutions connect smartphones with public screens through a simple shake.

Intelligent conference systems

ESONA represents the top-line of our conference systems. Fitted with multicolored E-paper displays, buttons for visually impaired, voting software and high-quality audio devices they offer anything conference organizers expect

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